Can I Get Pregnant while Nursing? Natural Birth Control Methods The Lactational Amenorrhea Method

CAN I GET PREGNANT WHILE NURSING MY BABY?! If you’re a new mom with this question in the back of your mind, know that you’re not alone! Of course you LOVE your baby, but that doesn’t mean you’re in a hurry to have another one quite so soon.

I’m sure you’ve heard stories about breastfeeding as birth control that worked for some women, and not so much for others. So, in this video, your questions about breastfeeding as birth control will be answered!

And spoiler alert… breastfeeding birth control CAN work and is one of the natural birth control options for you to use. One of the many benefits of nursing Baby is that it can act as natural birth control methods as long as it falls under the criteria of the Lactational Amenorrhea Method which is a big topic of discussion in this video!

So, as you enjoy the beautiful bonding experience with your baby (and more benefits of breastfeeding) you can also use it as natural family planning. But before you do this on your own, make sure you meet all the requirements in order for it to work for you! Watch the video to learn more!

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All information provided in this video is for educational purposes only and should never replace the advice of your doctor. Always direct questions to your care provider regarding your specific situation and before attempting any of the suggestions.


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