The Best of the Podcast for 2019 | Get Pregnant Naturally Podcast

Today I’m digging into the best episodes from 2019.

This episode is for you:

If you want the top tips to help you get pregnant naturally in 2020
Need a road-map to figure out what should be next for YOU!
You want to learn the latest from the field of functional medicine and how it can help you have your baby

My favorite episodes from the Get Pregnant Naturally podcast for 2019:

1. How and Why to do an Elimination Diet

2. Why Stool Testing Is Essential

3. Why IVF is my Last Step

4. How Post Birth Control Syndrome Impacts Fertility

5. What is Methylation and Why Does it Matter for your Fertility

6. What to do if you IBD and Infertility

7. AIP Diet for Hashimoto’s and Why This Matters if You Are TTC

8. The Connection Between Mental Health and Infertility

9. The Connection Between Skin Rashes and Fertility

10. How to Get Pregnant Naturally with Low AMH, POF/POI



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The Truth About Self-Care and Your Fertility

How to Get Pregnant Naturally with Low AMH, Diminished Ovarian Reserve or POF

The Mistake Everyone Makes with Diet and Fertility

Get Pregnant Naturally: Why a Nutrient Deficiency Matters for Fertility

Myths About Fertility Treatment That Can Keep You Stuck


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