Iva Keene, MRMed. ND Getting Pregnant Naturally Over 40

Are you interested in getting pregnant? Have you been worried infertility or getting pregnant naturally? In this episode we discuss the struggles of fertility in women, and what both women and men can do in order to have a healthy and natural pregnancy. We discuss the rise in infertility, and how what we eat can play a big role in our ability to conceive.
In this episode, I talk with Iva Keene, MRMed. ND, a Swiss-based Natural Fertility Specialist, who has been helping women get pregnant naturally, at all different ages. Iva uses the The NFP Method ™ that she created to help women restore their fertility when they didn’t think it was possible. We discuss the need to prepare the body for pregnancy, how she got into fertility treatment, and how exercise and diet play a role in pregnancy. We also discuss folic acid, and how to know if we have too much or not enough.

Questions I asked:
Do you ski?
How did you get into fertility?
How to deal with infertility and get pregnant naturally?
How important is it to prepare the body for pregnancy?
What are the impacts of EMF for pregnancy?
What is behind the rising infertility rates?
How can you reduce the risk of chromosomal issues in your 40s and beyond?
Why could you have too much folic acid?
How do we know we’re getting enough and it’s getting delivered?
What else should we avoid in our diet?
Where does exercise come into this?
What can men do to help pregnancy?
How does pregnancy involve emotions and beliefs?
Can you tell us about one of your success stories?

Topics Discussed:
Fertility at all ages.
Getting pregnant naturally.
Why infertility is on the rise
How to eat for pregnancy.
What to avoid in your diet to stay healthy
Dangers of folic acid.
How men can improve pregnancy.
Getting pregnant at all ages.

Quotes from the show:
“You can change people’s lives when you have a child.” @NFPFertility @SisterhoodSweat
“Patients say, “I wish I knew I could improve my fertility.” @NFPFertility @SisterhoodSweat
“What you eat, and what you drink will become a part of your cells.” @NFPFertility @SisterhoodSweat
“Pay attention to what you’re putting in your mouth.” @NFPFertility @SisterhoodSweat

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How to Restore Your Fertility And Get Pregnant Naturally

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