What affects the chances of obtaining pregnancy when performing IUI – Willem Ombelet

Prof. Willem Ombelet, MD, PhD, Genk & Hasselt Institute for Fertility Technology, is the author of the book ‘Intra-Uterine Donor Insemination: Evidence-Based Guidelines for Daily Practice.’ In this interview, he shares some of the things that can affect the chances of obtaining pregnancy when performing IUI. In this context, he emphasizes the importance of proper female diagnosis taking into consideration the history of the woman through a clinical examination, hysterosalpingography, vaginal ultrasound, hysteroscopy, and blood sample/cervical smear. He furthermore points to new research showing that the pace of the insemination may have an effect and that HPV positivity in women and men undergoing intrauterine insemination has a negative effect on pregnancy rates.

The interview was made during The Cryos Symposium 2019 where Cryos gathered 200 fertility professionals from different countries to discuss and share knowledge and experiences within topics such as ethics, legislation, the donor children’s wellbeing, donor sperm and eggs and genetics.