Ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant Dr. Usha B. R

There are tablets and injections available to stimulate the ovary. It is natural for the ovary to develop a follicle and will dominate other follicles and will grow upto a size of 18 to 20 mm and rupture to cause release of egg it. However in a few of them this ovualatory process is hampered and it is called as ovulatory dysfunction and in such patients we help them by causing or inducing ovulation with the help of medicines or injections. The medicines used are we note if it is for ovarian stimulation for a single follicle or for multiple follicles. Usually for a single follicle first choice would be letrozole, in a dose 2.5 to 10 mg can be stated per day for a period of 5 days and then we monitor the follicular response. If we want multiple follicular growth, we look for clomiphene citrate in a dose of 50 mg to 150 mg for 5 to 6 days and then we monitor the response. So clomiphene citrate usually gives us 2 to 3 follicles where we can attempt IUI or intrauterine insemination cycles. Injections used are recombinant FSH injections which gives a predictable and a precise response with respect to follicles or we can use urinary sourced human menopausal gonadotropin injections or HMG injections. These will also help the follicles to grow and help them to mature in the last stages and will rest in ovulation and once the follicle is mature, we also give human chorionic gonadotropin injection which will cause the follicle to rupture and will cause the release of the egg. After that the same thing can be documented on ultrasound as well.