Want to know how to get pregnant with twins? Before I had twins myself, I always dreamed of having twins. So I googled the crap out of how to get pregnant with twins, what are the chances of having twins, tips to get pregnant with twins, get pregnant fast with twins, how to conceive twins naturally, etc...

In this video we will go over the overall chances of having twins naturally (spontaneously) and even get down into the odds of having identical twins, fraternal twins, and boy girl twins. After all of that is broken down I go into "how to get pregnant with twins". More specifically, tips on how to increase your odds of getting pregnant with twins. First, I go over uncontrollable factors. Some people naturally have higher odds of conceiving twins. Second, I review the controllable factors that can help you increase your odds of twins!!

How To Conceive a Baby Boy OR a Girl:
Signs You Are Having Twins:

This first part of the video goes over the odds of having twins, and the second half covers steps you can do to increase your odds of a twin conception.

Uncontrollable factors that increase chances of fraternal twins:
• Race: Being of African descent. People of African decent have a much higher likely hood of conceiving twins. With Hispanic & Asians being the least likely.
• Height: Being Taller (Over 5’5”)
• Weight: having a BMI over 30
• Runs in families: Being a fraternal twin yourself or have fraternal twins running in your family.
• Get pregnant over the age of 35. Your body is more likely to hyperovulate the older you get.

Controllable factors that increase your chances of having twins:
• Eat Yams
• Increase Dairy consumption
• Increasing folic acid/folate
• Breastfeeding: One study found that women that were breastfeeding when they conceived were 9 times more likely to conceive twins!!
• Fertility treatments

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