HOW TO GET PREGNANT FAST | Tracking Ovulation, Fertility Diet | Conceive Naturally TTC Tips

Todays video is all about how to get pregnant fast naturally. I go over tracking ovulation, lifestyle tips to conceive, fertility diet tips and awkwardly stumble through the bedroom tips to help you conceive and create the family you want at the end.

I realize that getting pregnant fast naturally is not easy for everyone. There are people who will do everything right and will still struggle to conceive. If this is you, please see a fertility specialist. I truly hope at least some of these TTC tips can help you start your family

💥Tracking your cycle to predict ovulation
-Period Tracker App
-Manually track basal body temperature
👉Ava Fertility bracelet (My affiliate link):
-Take prenatal vitamins
-Junk food in moderation: reduce saturated fats
-Increase folate & iron
-Green foods
-Keep caffeine under 250mg a day
-If you have concerns on your vitamin levels talk to your doctor

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