285 hz ⁂ Fertility prayer ⁂ Become pregnant naturally

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Many women dream of bearing a child. However, some women may experience difficulties in conceiving. Remember that prayer isn’t about getting what you want. Praying- even to get pregnant and have a baby- is about changing your heart and mind to align with God’s will for your life. No matter how important is to have a baby, you’ll have a more joyful and peaceful life if all you want is God’s best for you. Try out our prayer to induce conception, tuned to 285 Hz to influence energy fields and signal to the body to restructure damaged organs and promote rejuvenation. It is contains binaural beats of 9 hz and 2.30 hz, associated with Sacral/Svadhisthana chakra (Color=Orange) in charge with the reproductive system.

Thank you and Enjoy!